„Sodros“ Rokiškio skyriaus direktorė suimta vienam mėnesiui Spausdinti
gegužės 21, 2010

 Gegužės 20 dieną Panevėžio miesto apylinkės teismo nutartimi „Sodros“ Rokiškio skyriaus vadovei N. A. V. paskirta kardomoji priemonė – suėmimas vienam mėnesiui. Įtariamoji nuo pareigų nušalinta šešiems mėnesiams.

N. A. V. kaltinama galimai vykdžiusi neskaidrius viešuosius pirkimus Valstybinio socialinio draudimo fondo valdybos („Sodros“) Rokiškio skyriuje.

Šį ikiteisminį tyrimą organizuoja ir kontroliuoja Panevėžio apygardos prokuratūros Organizuotų nusikaltimų ir korupcijos tyrimo skyriaus prokuroras.

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  Komentarai (12)
Autorius Nada, 28-10-2014 07:19
-> Rolandas:1) dėl ideologijos tiesą paisuaks, nematau prasmės trolintis šita tema, nes aš savo asmeninę (kad ir labai komplikuotą) ideologiją (bent jau daugelių aspektų) turiu ir joje frazei prie ruso geriau buvo nėra2) dėl mitinio al-Džaddafio kaip kad reikėtų tarti al-Gaddafi, ania? tai va, arabiškai jis užrašomas (transkribavus) kaip Muʿammar al-Qaḏḏāfī. nematau anei vienos raidės G, tad ir nematau nė mažiausio reikalo rašyti, kaipo kad rašo ėėė eee aj, patylėsiu, kas taip rašo.
Autorius Aneel, 29-11-2015 07:57
I am truly stunned by the icnorange of some commenters on Russia. It's like cheering on a serial killer who's just bought his way out of prison and is on a new rampage. This isn't some horror movie with which you titillate yourself where the killer achieves some kind of warped hero status. Firstly, under the make-up bought with oil money, Russia is the sick man of Europe in countless ways. Life expectancy has dropped like a stone into the 50's for men due to the ravages of alcoholism and AIDS. The birth rate is irrecoverably low as Mark Steyn has documented. Those of you who imagine Russia as some bastion of whites are dreaming as their Muslim and other non-white population is rising even faster than the white birth rate is plummeting.Russia is a sick and dying man with a gun (nuclear weapons) and is at its most dangerous distracting itself from its own plight by staggering around endangering others.Why the great admiration for the Russian people over your own, Americans? They have always had a masochistic craving for the boot on the neck to feel secure, with the tsars, then the mass murderer Stalin and others whom among them killed 60 million within living memory with a lot of help from ordinary Russians (See the Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtois). What is there to admire in a people who let this happen and look back on the rivers of blood and gulags as the "good old days", trying to recreate their power under Stalin-light, Putin?I would very much like to consign the Russia lovers to living there even now. My family members involuntarily lived or should I say died and suffered otherwise under Russian mis-rule and your breezy inanities about their suffering are as offensive as telling Jews that Germans and Germany were and are admirable. Actually, modern Germans have apologized, paid reparations, and made a complete about face into the most pacific from most warlike Europeans. Russians have never admitted their crimes against humanity.There is literally no difference in your praise for one of the two genocidal regimes except the Russians managed to kill ten times the number of people and in addition oppress tens of millions for 80 years.You say Putin has a 75% approval rating like that's a good thing. That's what the Russian people are made of, admiring a thug, a murderer who ordered extra-territorial killing of his opposition, a law-breaker, an oligarch enriching himself and his KGB coterie at the expense of his country and playing toy soldiers with real weapons. Calling Russia and China "well-managed" while denying admiration of totalitarianism is intellectual incoherence.I am heartsick at seeing the beginning of an evil history replayed, complete with a new cast of useful idiots acting as Russian apologists.
Autorius Thiaguinho, 03-12-2015 15:16
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