Melo detektoriais mažins korupciją Spausdinti
birželio 12, 2012

 Pietų Korėjos futbolininkai bus tiriami melo detektoriais tam, kad būtų užkirstas kelias korupcijai, išsikerojusiai sporto srityje.

Be to, Korėjos lygoje bus padvigubintas minimalus atlyginimas ir pereita prie naujos išmokų sistemos. Visi šie pokyčiai tam, kad sumažėtų pagunda imti kyšius.

K-Lyga yra krečiama didžiausio per 28 metus skandalo, dėl kurio buvo atleisti 46 žaidėjai. Šie buvo sučiupti parsidavę net 15-oje rungtynių, vykusių praeitų metų birželio – spalio mėnesiais.

Kaltintojai taip pat apkaltino 11 brokerius (tarp šių – keli buvę žaidėjai) dėl papirkinėjimo ir rungtynių baigties suplanavimo. Dešimčiai žaidėjų teko nutraukti sportinę veiklą, nes jie buvo tiesiog išmesti dėl kyšio paėmimo ir rungtynių falsifikavimo. Dar vienam žaidėjui sportinė veikla sustabdyta 5 metams, rašo

Kaip minėta, vienas iš būdų išvengti tokių korupcijos atvejų, melo detektoriaus naudojimas. Neatlikę melo detektoriaus testo, futbolininkai paprasčiausiai negalės dalyvauti rungtynėse.

K-Lyga skelbia: „Mes dedame dideles pastangas griežtindami taisykles, tad jeigu rungtynių falsifikavimas pasikartos, atsidursime nepavydėtinoje padėtyje. Komandos bus perkeltos į žemesnę lygą, praras autoritetą arba teises žaisti AFC (Azijos futbolo taurės) Čempionų lygoje“.

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Autorius Destry, 14-10-2013 21:56
Right onthi-s helped me sort things right out.
Autorius Nemam, 28-10-2014 17:14
A ministra da educae7e3o tem o nome de 'Ale7ada' desde o seu pieimrro casamento. Foi com o nome de Isabel Ale7ada que comee7ou a escrever e a ser conhecida no campo da Educae7e3o.Foi esse o apelido que 'colou'. Agora, pelo segundo casamento e9 'Vilar'.Maria
Autorius Surinder, 29-11-2015 04:45
Since I put Iverson in the Melo camp, a guy who is good but not great (ala Wade, Lebron Kobe), I'd expect him to carry mcroiede offensive players but not take a team over the hump when paired with better talent. I'd say this is what we saw.The Sixers at their best with AI were a collection of defensive players who complemented Iverson. Iverson always improved their offensive games. At least from '02 til the end in Philly, Philly always shot a better % with him on the floor, took more FTs, drew more fouls, and committed fewer turnovers (and were better with him on than off by a wide margin). He never had great talent in Philly and only came out of the East in a very weak East, but the team was very solid on D.Once he was traded to the Nuggets for Andre Miller, Philly was already worse than the previous year and played like it, though I think Andre Miller was just as good at that point as AI. The next two seasons were an improvement, but the real improvement was in the bench and secondary players. Teams with AI or Miller in the game were roughly the same, but much better without Miller than they had been when AI was there and on the bench.AI went to Denver and hurt their offense but helped their defense and the net was a wash. It was a completely lateral move as I'd expect since Denver had more efficient players than Philly. The following year they seemed to improve a bit, but this was more related to carmelo not missing 20 games.As for the second trade, I don't know what to evaluate out of that. From an expected talent standpoint, it was a lateral move. Denver was the same team in '08 as it was in '09 statistically, but the '09 version got a lucky bracket draw in the playoffs. Billups has been overrated in recent years much like AI.But the Detroit Philly experience is impossible to measure fairly. Detroit was the 2nd best team in the East the year prior and Iverson's arrival correlated with the beginning of the fall. But Iverson missed a lot of games, played hurt, sulked, Sheed stop caring, I believe Prince got hurt too, etc. And by this point in his career, AI was now an old Monta Ellis. So really, nothing here matters.I'm with everyone here that Iverson was vastly overrated during his career, but Philly built a team specifically around him carrying the offense and he fit that scheme well until they stopped bringing in players to compliment him and the scheme (or they broke down). Lebron fell victim to the same thing (though Lebron is world's better). The problem for Iverson is he didn't understand how to adapt and the team didn't make him adapt til it was too late.IMO, a better example is Ben Wallace. The '07 Pistons got worse. Not by a lot, but they went from a great team to just a good team. Now look at his return to the Pistons. He replaced a below average Sheed and the team got much worse. Now, the team got worse in multiple areas, but you'd think Big Ben would offset some of this because of how much more productive he is than Sheed. However, his offense is so limited that with such weaker players he becomes a liability there and as great as a defensive player that he is, he can't cover up for everyone all the time rather than just clean up some holes. And thus my prediction that he wouldn't be that relevant matches up.
Autorius Gopal, 01-12-2015 20:33
NO YOU WROTE THIS TO ANGER ME I KNOW YOU DID!!melo can look like an MVP at times only because the melo BRAND is stnrog. think about it, melo JR smith rudy gay and damian lillard are all shot happy people who shoot low 40% and wind up on sports center and espn the magazine being called elite scorers. yet james harder gets 30 points while only making 5 fieldgoald and thats just ho hum?scoring should be measured by how you produce points and not how you produce totals. like I said to someone the other month, imagine if we evaluated baseball players like we do basketball? sure he has a 200 batting average, but he hit 35 homeruns!!! he is a STAR, let him play more, and sit down those other scrubs who have 350 batting averages they cant hit home runs!!!or even football? what if we just said barry sanders and jim brown were bad running backs because they didnt have more touchdowns than marcus allen and emmit smith?There really is no MVP debate. its lebron. not even durant, durant dosent do half the things lebron does and has half the impact. IMPACT being the key word here. when lebron is on the court you know it. when melo runs cold you miss him on both ends of the floor.Im still amazed AMAZED he scored 50 points on all jump shots as a power forward but in 40 minutes got less than 5 rebounds . HOW!?! [url=]aiitkclfei[/url] [link=]mxtrafd[/link]
Autorius Rita, 20-05-2016 19:08
Ah, i see. Well th'ats not too tricky at all!"
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